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Hi there!

Great that you stopped by on the Tortilla Channel. I’m Mireille, born and raised in the city of Amsterdam. where I still live to this day with my husband.

Food Journey

From an early age, I love food and would join my father in the kitchen. He would get up early on the weekend to cook or go to the market to get groceries.

I was fascinated by how he would turn a bunch of ingredients as by magic into something delicious. Often times without any recipe. He was a great teacher and in my opinion the best home cook in the world.

If you are anything like me and love to cook there are weeks maybe even months that you go out and buy the same ingredients to make the same dishes.

Why? Because you know how to make them or they the recipes are easy to make especially when you are busy.

Nothing wrong with that but what if you are tired of cooking the same thing over and over? What if you want to surprise your family with new recipes they love to eat?

The Tortilla Channel

On the Tortilla Channel I like to show you new easy recipes. So you can grow your list of go-to recipes and treat your family and friends to tried and tested yummy world recipes.

The main theme on this blog is obviously the tortilla but it is not a Mexican or Tex Mex food blog. This blog is all about world recipes.

You see the tortilla is really a metaphor because just about any culture or kitchen has its own version of the tortilla.

In Mexico and Spain, they call it tortilla (which is a different recipe), in Surinam where my father is from they call it a roti, in the Netherlands we have a pannenkoek.

Did you know that there are more than 70 types of tortilla or flatbread around the world? Every continent eats a tortilla in some form. Did you know that Asia has most flatbread versions?

So you will see a lot of tortilla varieties (think naan, flatbread, paratha, roti and more), also a lot of recipes you can eat with tortilla but also a lot of my favorite world recipes that have nothing to do with a tortilla.

The Tortilla Channel may have a theme but as far as I’m concerned no limitation because we have enough of them already.

It is all about trying new things and cook great food. It is a great way to fuse cooking styles, different kinds of kitchens and cultures together.


Besides cooking I also love photography and I hope you can see that in the images on my blog. Take a look at my photography resources page to learn more about what I have in my bag and recommend.

More recipes

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If you have suggestions please let me know. You can connect with me via social media. Thanks for stopping by.