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chorizo rice in a skillet
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Chorizo Rice

This chorizo rice is easy to make and so delicious! Serve chorizo rice if you want to serve a different rice dish. Packed with flavor, some vegetables, and your…

How to make the best shrimp fajitas. This dinner recipe is simple, easy and fast. Super tasty Mexican dinner seasoned with fajitas seasoning. Visit for the full recipe #thetortiliachannel #shrimpfajitas #fajita #easyfajitasrecipe #shrimpfajitasrecipe
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Shrimp Fajitas

How to make easy shrimp fajitas, this recipe will show you a fast, simple but super delicious recipe done in no time! If you are looking for the best…

Bacon makes everything taste better these crispy bacon quesadillas are a great example of this. Super easy to make and on the table in no time. Great to serve for lunch or as a snack. Want to try? Visit for the full recipe and instructions
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Bacon Quesadillas

Because bacon makes anything taste better! That is why we are making bacon quesadillas. These might be one of the easiest quesadilla recipes ever when you are ready for…

Looking for a delicious torta sandwich? Try this Mexican torta or torta Milanesa as this sandwich is made with a chicken schnitzel and lots more. Visit for the full recipe #tortas #tortarecipe #tortasandwich #tortaMexicana #tortaMilanesa
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Mexican Tortas

Looking for a different type of sandwich then try these Mexican tortas you will love them! Amongst other things, a torta is a cake, a flatbread, pastry, or bread.…

Make any burger taste even better and add this burger seasoning. You can put it together in no time with staple pantry ingredients. This spice mix is a little bit spicy but you can adjust it to your taste. Want to try? Visit thetortiliachannel for the full recipe and video #thetortiliachannel #burgerseasoning #hamburgerseasoning #burgerspicemix #burgerspiceblend #seasoningrecipe
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Burger Seasoning

This burger seasoning is amazing and lifts any burger to the next level! If you have only a couple of spices in your pantry, changes are you do not…

These rice flour pancakes are gluten-free, slightly sweet and great to serve for breakfast, lunch or as a snack. Bake in a skillet and on the table in no time. A super easy recipe. Want to try? Visit for the full recipe and instructions
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Rice Flour Pancakes

Want to try gluten-free pancakes? Give these rice flour pancakes a try! These pancakes are sweet, fluffy, and thick. They are gluten-free and lactose-free. They are super easy to…