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Kitchen essentials

In this category we share some kitchen essentials that you can use when making our tortilla inspired recipes.

Kitchen essentials

Substitutes For Enchilada Sauce

How to make the best enchilada sauce for your enchiladas recipes. It is a vegan dairy free sauce but still light and creamy. Visit for the full recipe and video. #thetortiliachannel #enchiladasauce #veganenchiladasauce #enchilada #vegansauce

What do you do when you ran out of enchilada sauce or do not like the flavor?

There are several options to use instead of this sauce and still serve a tasty and delicious enchilada dish. You can make the substitutes at home or buy them in the store. So are you ready to learn the best substitutes for enchilada sauce? Let’s get started!

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Chicken can taste rather bland but try this homemade chicken seasoning recipe to lift your chicken recipes to the next level. It is really easy to make with standard spices and so much cheaper than store bought packets. Want to try? Visit for the full recipe #thetortiliachannel #chickenseasoning #chickenseasoningrecipe #seasoningrecipe #seasoning #spiceblend #spicemix
Kitchen essentials

Chicken Seasoning

Your chicken can taste so much better and you only have to use this seasoning recipe for chicken! It is really easy to make and so much cheaper than…

Greek seasoning ingredients in a big bowl
Kitchen essentials

Greek Seasoning

This Greek spice blend is the perfect combination of aromatic, savory Greek flavors! Want to give your Greek recipes some much need authentic flavor just add this Greek spice…

Make your pizza taste even better with this homemade pizza seasoning recipe. Sprinkle on any of your pizzas or homemade bread recipe. Store it for up to 6 months or even longer. Want to try? Visit for the full recipe and instructions.
Kitchen essentials

Pizza Seasoning

Oh yes, you can make pizza seasoning that has a delicious taste and makes your pizza even better! Sprinkle on all of your homemade and store-bought pizzas. Your pizzas…