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Sweet desserts

With these easy delicious desserts and treats you can turn your meal or teatime into something special. Wheter you like ice creams, pies, cakes, muffins, tortilla cups, clafoutis, pudding or pie gallets, you can find them all here.  Just pick your favorite sweet recipe.

Turn regular tortillas in this amazing apple tortilla dessert cups. They are quick and easy to make and super tasty. Want to try visit thetortiliachannel for the full recipe and video #thetortiliachannel #tortilladessert #tortilladessertcups #appledessertcups #dessert
Sweet desserts

Tortilla Dessert

Apple pie tortilla dessert cups with banana are a great dessert! Maybe you think that tortillas are only for savory recipes but that is definitely not the case. Just…

Looking for tasty sopapillas? Try this fried pastry coated with cinnamon sugar or drizzled in honey. A great dessert or sweet snack. Visit for the full recipe #thetortiliachannel #sopapillas #sopaipilla #friedpastry #dessert
Sweet desserts

How To Make Sopapillas

Serve these sopapillas as a dessert or quick bread. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and dip in honey! This fried bread puffs up and is eaten hot with lots of…