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How To Make The Best Tortilla Chips

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Make tortilla chips from scratch is really easy to do and it is a healthy snack!

Spicy oven baked corn tortilla chips

These tortilla chips make you want to come back for more again and again.  Do you want to know how to make tortilla chips that are easy, homemade, and spicy? Let’s get started!

Tortilla chips made from homemade corn tortillas. Baked in the oven these are crisp and crunchy tortilla chips. Flavored with your favorite spices #thetortiliachannel #tortillachips #corntortillachips

These tortilla chips are so easy to make and only take you about 15 minutes, so a great recipe for the weekend. Best of all you can flavor them any way you like.

  • Want some spicy chili? Oh yes
  • Paprika? Yum
  • Salt? We got you covered
  • Garlic? The best
  • Cheese? No problem

Tortillas plain or flavored, it doesn’t really matter because either way, you will get a delicious tasting snack.

It is lower in calories because they are oven-baked and we do not use oil but cooking spray for baking these chips.

If you use homemade tortillas try and make them as thin as possible. Thin tortillas crisp up very well when baked in the oven.

Thicker tortillas usually stay a little doughy or have to be baked longer to get crisp. So thin tortillas are the way to go.

As these chips are made with corn tortillas that are gluten-free you can eat them without hesitation if you are gluten intolerant.

Tortilla chips with regular tortillas

You can also make them with regular tortillas just follow the recipe but monitor them closely when in the oven as these will brown faster than corn tortillas.

This is because regular tortillas are thinner and the structure is less dense than corn tortillas. Check every 5 minutes and remove it from the oven when golden brown.

Tortilla Chips Ingredients

To make tortilla chips you need a limited amount of ingredients. Put these on your grocery list:

How To Make Tortilla Chips

So how do we start? First of all, we need some good quality corn tortillas. You can use store-bought ones but as it is so easy to make corn tortillas I used homemade tortillas.

If you make your own corn tortillas you can add your own favorite flavors to the base recipe for corn tortillas.

You can add many different ingredients to the tortilla dough. The options are really endless like e.g.:

  • dried tomatoes
  • chili peppers
  • jalapeño peppers
  • garlic,
  • chives
  • onion

Tortilla chips made from homemade corn tortillas. Baked in the oven these are crisp and crunchy tortilla chips. Flavored with your favorite spices #thetortiliachannel #tortillachips #corntortillachips

Normally tortilla chips are deep-fried in oil which makes it really tasty but also gives it loads of extra fat. I don’t know about you but I only have to look at anything fatty to make it stick to my hips.

So to keep it low fat I use this little trick. After cutting the tortilla in small wedges I put them on a baking tray and use cooking spray to cover the chips with a small coat of oil.

You can also spray the whole tortillas first (front and back) before cutting them in wedges.

If you do not have cooking spray you can use some sunflower/vegetable oil and put on the tortillas using a brush.

Preheat the oven at 435 ℉ (225 ℃) before baking. Put the tortilla chips in the oven for about 15 minutes.

About midway through the baking time turn the chips to make sure they get nice and brown on both sides.

If they lack color leave them in a couple of minutes longer.

When they come out of the oven immediately sprinkle the spices on the wedges. I used chili and paprika but you can add whatever you like.

As long as tortilla chips are hot out of the oven you can sprinkle finely grated cheese or any kind of powder on them and it will stick.

Tortilla chips made from homemade corn tortillas. Baked in the oven these are crisp and crunchy tortilla chips. Flavored with your favorite spices #thetortiliachannel #tortillachips #corntortillachips

Serve Tortilla Chips With

I like to let the chips cool so they can get nice and crispy. You can serve the chips with:

If you want to store these tortilla chips keep them in a zip lock bag for up to two weeks


See how to make tortilla chips

Want to see how to make tortilla chips, spicy and oven-baked? Watch the recipe video with step-by-step instructions so you can follow along.


I hope you enjoy this how-to-make tortilla chips recipe!

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Spicy oven baked corn tortilla chips

How to make tortilla chips

Serves: 2 Prep Time: 5 minutes Cooking Time: 15 minutes

How to make tortilla chips that are oven baked and spicy? Take a look at this simple recipe and turn your corn tortillas into tortilla chips.



  1. Pre heat the oven at 435℉/225 ℃
  2. Take 4 corn tortillas, stack them and cut them in half
  3. Take the halved tortillas and cut them in 4 part wedges
  4. Put a baking sheet on a baking tray
  5. Take the tortilla chips and put them on the baking tray
  6. Spray the tortilla chips with cooking spray
  7. Put the baking tray in the oven for 15 minutes (extend if the chips are not nice and brown). Flip the wedges half way through the cooking time
  8. Take the tortilla chips out of the oven and sprinkle with spices immediately (front and back)


Let the tortilla chips cool to let them go nice and crisp. Store in a ziplock bag so they do not go stale.

Nutrition facts

Calories: 177; Fat: 8.8g; Carbs: 23.5g; Protein: 3.2g;

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