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Taco, Fajita And Enchilada Seasoning

If you want to spice your Mexican recipes you use the appropriate spice blend

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You can use an all-purpose seasoning like Mexican seasoning or a spice blend specific for your recipe. But what is the difference as they all look very much the same? So are you ready to learn what is the difference between taco, fajita, and enchilada seasoning? Let’s get started!


Yes, tacos, fajitas, and enchiladas look very similar. They all contain soft corn or flour tortillas with a filling inside.

Enchiladas are baked in the oven and covered by a sauce which is not the case for tacos and fajitas.

What Is A Fajita?

Fajitas focus on the type of meat you serve on a small tortilla. The meat is mostly grilled and consists of Carne aside or steak.

Yes, if you do not like beef or you want variety you can replace the beef with pork, poultry, etc.

But fajita is originally made with beef as it was served to farmhands that worked with the cattle.

They got served the least favorite parts of the cow which were harder to sell.

The meat is marinated extensively to tenderize it. Then the meat is grilled or cooked in a cast-iron skillet together with sweet bell pepper and onions.

The meat is thinly sliced and served on small corn or flour tortilla.

Nowadays fajita is also served with pork, chicken, or fish. You can say that fajita meat in a tortilla is a taco.

What Is A Taco?

Tacos consist of a corn or flour taco fold in half holding contain a wide range of ingredients you can eat by hand.

From meats to vegetables, to beans to toppings.

There are a lot of different taco toppings as you can see that you can add.

Some say that a taco is served in a hard shell but traditionally tacos are always served using soft corn tortillas.

What Is An Enchilada?

Enchiladas are also made with protein and tortillas but the difference is that enchiladas are baked in the oven.

The tortillas are wrapped with ingredients and put in an oven dish. Covered with a large amount of sauce that is then cooked in the oven.

It is served as is or with some rice.

Mexican Seasonings

You can buy any seasoning in the store or make them from scratch.

You may think that any Mexican spice blend looks very similar. Totally true, Mexican seasonings look really similar but they are not the same.

It is all about the ingredients in your seasoning and the amount needed per spice ingredient that affectS the end result of your spice mix.

This enables a spice blend to be spicier, more herby, or sweet.

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What Is Taco Seasoning?

Taco seasoning is a mix of spices and herbs to flavor your taco recipe in particular the protein.

If you are using beef, poultry, fish, or vegetables you add a specific amount of the mix to make it taste even better.

Taco seasoning is made with spicier ingredients like chili flakes, cayenne pepper, or ground black pepper.

This super easy and cheap authentic taco seasoning recipe is made to spice up your recipes. Not too hot but great to use in taco dinners but also to add to your salads and vegetables. Easy to make, fast and super cheap but much tastier than any store bought seasoning. Want to try?Visit for the full recipe.

What Is Fajita Seasoning?

Fajita seasoning is a mix of spice to season the beef, pork, poultry, or fish that you make to wrap up in a tortilla.

Fajita is cooked using a skillet which gives a smokey flavor.

When you prepare fajitas you do not add a lot of additional ingredients compared to tacos or enchiladas.

It is made with more cumin and is less spicy compared to other spice blends.

Fajitas seasoning is great for spice your meat, chicken or vegetables. Want to make this recipe visit #fajitasseasoning #fajitasspices #fajitasblend #fajitasmix

What Is Enchilada Seasoning?

Enchilada seasoning is needed to flavor the ingredients inside the tortilla wraps that are covered with sauce and still hold up after being baked in the oven.

Enchilada seasoning contains a hint of sweetness which do not find in a lot of spice blends.

Again the enchiladas are wrapped in a tortilla, covered with sauce, and cooked in the oven with provided a different taste compared to grilled meats.

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What Is The Difference Between Taco Seasoning And Fajita Seasoning?

Taco seasoning usually contains spicier ingredients compared to fajita seasoning which hardly holds any heat at all.

Both contain chili powder but fajita seasoning has more cumin which goes well roasted or grilled meats for your fajita.

Marinate your steak and turn them into the best Mexican Steak Fajitas. Serve on soft small tortillas for a great Mexican dinner. This fajitas recipe is done in a matter of minutes you only need some marinating time. Grill in a cast-iron skillet. Want to try? Visit for the full recipe and instruction video.

What Is The Difference Between Taco Seasoning And Enchilada Seasoning?

Again taco seasoning has the most heat as it has chili flakes and/or cayenne pepper in the mix.

Chili powder usually has some spicier ingredients as well.

Enchilada seasoning contains a little bit of sugar which is not something you find in taco seasoning of a fajita spice blend.

Taco seasoning and enchilada seasoning contain much more paprika compared to fajita seasoning.

So there you go as said the dishes and seasonings are similar but definitely not the same.

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