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Here's our collection of fun and easy vegetarian recipes. All the vegetarian recipes have step-by-step instructions. We hope you love them as much as we do!
You never can have enough of this apple pie filling. Great to use in any apple recipe but also great to add to your breakfast yogurt or add to a dessert. Done in less than 15 minutes. Want to try? Visit for the full recipe, instructions and video
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Apple Pie Filling

This apple pie filling is so easy to make. You should always have a jar in the fridge! You never know when you want to make amazing apple pie…

These baked tortilla strips are the best! Use as topping on your soup, chili or salad. You can also serve them as a snack. They are easy to make and super cheap. Visit for the full recipe #thetortiliachannel #tortillastrips #bakedtortillastrips #tortillasnack
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Tortilla Strips

Crispy tortilla strips are the best and make any dish taste better! That is what we are making today! Try these baked tortilla strips if you love your chili,…

Looking for a tasty lunch or dinner? Try this gozleme with spinach and feta recipe. This Turkish flatbread is unleavened so done in no time and so tasty! Visit for the full recipe #thetortiliachannel #gozleme #gozlemespinachfeta #turkishflatbread
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These Turkish Gozleme are the best savory homemade Turkish flatbreads made from scratch. They are made with classic spinach, feta filling. Be aware these are irresistible and so delicious.…

Pico de Gallo is such a great Mexican fresh salsa also known as salsa Mexicana, or salsa cruda. It is made with simple ingredients like tomato, onion and cilantro and tastes best when chilled and stored. Put it on all you favorite Mexican recipes like tacos, burritos or enchiladas. Want to try? Visit for the full recipe #thetortiliachannel #picodegallo #picodegallorecipe #salsafresca #salsacruda #salsaMexicana
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Pico De Gallo

Pico de gallo is a great dip or salsa Fresca! This salsa cruda is great with nacho chips, a delicious topping on your tacos, a super tasty side dish,…

This hummus veggie wrap doesn’t contain any meat or dairy but it has a great bite and flavor. Turn it into an easy lunch wrap, upgrade to a dinner wrap or use it to meal prep. You can add all your favorite vegetables to make it taste even better. Want to try? Visit for the full recipe #thetortiliachannel #hummusveggiewrap #veggiewrap #veganwrap #wraprecipe
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Hummus Veggie Wrap

This fast wrap recipe will show you, a wrap filled with loads of vegetables can taste amazing. With a great bite, this wrap is for everybody! Yes, a veggie…