Weekly meal plan

Weekly Meal Plan Fast Food

This week we have a great weekly meal plan and it is all about fast food. Food that is prepared in no time but that is also super delicious!

Fast food what more do you want? Recipes that are done in 30 minutes or less. Fast and super delicious #thetortiliachannel #fastfood #pizza #burger #quesadillas

Be prepared to make delicious and nutritious food that is also healthy and easy to prepared. So are you ready to learn about this week’s menu and all the fast-food recipes? Let’s get started!



NOTE: If you want to see a recipe you can just click on the image or on the link!

Vegan vegetable double tortilla pizza whole

Vegan bar-style pizza

On meatless Monday we make vegan pizza. Done in no time made with tortillas, sauce, and lots of vegetables.

25 minutes


10 minute taco chicken salad is a low carb salad recipe. Fits in a Keto diet and is easy to make. Video included. Visit thetortiliachannel.com for the full recipe #lowcarbsalad #tacochickensalad #chickensalad #ketosalad #dinnersalad

This taco chicken salad is the best

Another great recipe for #tacotuesday this taco chicken salad is the best made with chicken, lettuce, avocado, and tomatoes.

10 minutes


Super simple oven baked chicken quesadillas are easy to make, low fat and delicious. Great lunch recipe. Want to make this recipe visit thetortiliachannel.com #quesadilla #quesadillas #chickenquesadillas #ovenbakedquesadillas

Oven-baked chicken quesadillas

These chicken quesadillas are the best, easy to make, and super delicious for a mid-week dinner or lunch.

25 minutes


Traditional Dutch pancakes this recipe results in a stack of 12 pancakes. Visit the website or pin it now.

Traditional Dutch pancakes

Make a treat for your family then make these traditional Dutch pancakes. Use two pans to get them done in no time.

30 minutes


This Mexican burger is a great dinner or lunch recipe. The best ground beef and taco seasoning. Want a different type of hamburger try this one. #thetortiliachannel #mexicanburger #thebestburger #hamburger #americanburger #loadedburger

Mexican burger

Great for a Friday night this Mexican burger with great meat, salsa, egg, and more. The ultimate fast food.

20 minutes


Crunchy tortilla tostada with tuna

Crunchy tuna tostada

Perfect for the weekend and made with a crunchy tortilla. These tuna tostada are a feast for your eyes and taste buds.

30 minutes


How to make honey garlic chicken is a great dinner recipe. Easy to make and done in 20 minutes. Visit thetortiliachannel.com #honeygarlicchicken #chickenrecipe #dinnerrecipe #garlichoneychicken #honeygarlic

Honey garlic chicken

Make this recipe for your Sunday let it simmer until it falls apart on your plate. Eat with rice or Mexican potatoes.

20 minutes

This week 7 dinner options that can be made within half an hour. This is the ultimate fast food weekly meal plan #thetortiliachannel #fastfood #fastfoodpizza #fastfoodmexicanburger #chickensalad #pancakes
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