Weekly meal plan

Weekly Meal Plan Oven Baked Recipes

This week the weekly meal plan oven baked recipes is all our favorite oven baked recipes. The oven is your best friend if you love baking and cooking.

Weekly meal plan with oven baked recipes from oven baked taquitos, to sticky chicken bbq, shawarma or chilaquiles. Visit thetortiliachannel.com for the full recipes #thetortiliachannel #weeklymealplan #ovenbakedrecipes #mealplanning #ovenbakedweeklymealplan

To put a recipe in the oven and see it transform is such a lovely feeling. Then when you take a bite and it tastes delicious is the cherry on the cake. So we are sharing some of our favorite oven baked recipes that you can make in this weeks meal plan. Are you ready to see all the lovely oven baked recipes? Lets get started!


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Chilaquiles is an authentic Mexican breakfast or lunch recipe made with corn tortillas. You can eat it for dinner as well made with tasty enchilada sauce, vegetables and eggs. Visit thetortiliachannel.com for the full recipe #thetortiliachannel #chilaquiles #chilaquilesrecipe #chilaquilescasserole #chilaquilesbreakfast

Easy chilaquiles

Take corn tortillas and combine it with vegetables, enchilada sauce and eggs. You have a great dinner or a lunch.

38 minutes


Oven baked shrimp taquitos. Crispy taquitos, easy snack or lunch recipe. Low fat and gluten free. Visit thetortiliachannel.com for the recipe and video #taquito #ovenbakedtaquito #snackrecipe @lunchrecipe

Oven baked shrimp taquitos

Another great recipe with corn tortillas. Warm the tortillas and make a shrimp filling before baking them in the oven.

25 minutes


Chicken quesadillas recipe is super easy to make. Oven baked so not a lot of calories #thetortiliachannel #chickenquesadillas #easychickenquesadillas #quesadillas #ovenbakedquesadillas #bakedquesadillas

Chicken quesadillas

Lower calories than pan fried quesadillas because these are made with cooking spray as they turn crispy in the oven.

26 minutes


Chicken shawarma is an easy oven baked recipe with the best shawarma seasoning and a secret ingredient #thetortiliachannel #chickenshawarma #thebestshawarma #thebestchickenshawarma #easychickenshawarma

Easy oven baked chicken shawarma

Bake this chicken shawarma seasoned in homemade seasoning in a cast iron skillet and eat with pita bread.

40 minutes


If you love chicken for dinner then this recipe is for you. Juicy chicken pesto is great with tomatoes and is lowcarb friendly. #lowcarb #thetortiliachannel #chickenpesto #ovenbakedchicken #chickenrecipe

Healthy chicken pesto

Bake your chicken in the oven with homemade pesto and cherry tomatoes. A great dinner. Eat with some potatoes.

20 minutes


Breakfast nachos are great for breakfast, lunch or brunch. A new kind of bacon and egg recipe so now every day can be national nacho day #thetortiliachannel #breakfastnachos #baconandeggnachos #nationalnachosday #easynachos

Breakfast nachos

This breakfast nachos is great to make on the weekend. In the oven with some eggs, tomatoes and more. Yum!

9 minutes


The best sticky BBQ chicken in the oven is easy, hands free cooking without the hassle. Want BBQ all year round try this recipe. #thetortiliachannel #BBQchicken #BBQchickenrecipe #BBQchickenintheoven #easyBBQchicken

Sticky bbq chicken in the oven

Want some bbq chicken but no time to light up the BBQ make them in the oven with the best barbecue sauce. So delicious!

42 minutes


Have fun with this weekly oven baked recipes meal plan! Made a recipe tag @thetortiliachannel on Instagram on PIN on Pinterest.


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