Weekly meal plan

Weekly Meal Plan Pizza Recipes

A new week is coming and this week is all about pizza. Can you imagine a whole week of pizzas? Well, we got you covered!

Weekly meal plan pizza recipes with the best pizza recipes main courses and pizza snacks. #thetortiliachannel #pizzarecipe #fastpizzarecipes #veganpizza #shrimppizzarecipes

We have got every kind of pizza an authentic pizza recipes, tortilla pizza, pizza bites, and more. A recipe for every day of the week. Want to see all the pizza recipes? Let’s get started!


NOTE: If you want to see a recipe you can just click on the image or on the link!

Vegan vegetable double tortilla pizza whole

Vegan vegetable double tortilla pizza

Want to be at the dinner table in less than 25 minutes! This is your recipe. Vegan double tortilla pizza for meatless Monday.

25 minutes


Easy sweet potato tuna pizza crust flatbread recipe. Showing what you can do with sweet potato flatbread.

Easy sweet potato flatbread tuna pizza

Take a flatbread e.g. sweet potato flatbread and eat it with this tuna topping. One of the best pizza recipes ever.

17 minutes

Soft sweet potato flatbread with spelt flour, herbs and no oil.

Easy sweet potato flatbread

Sweet potato flatbread is a different type of flatbread that is vegan and only two ingredients.

40 minutes


Turkish pide bread pizza recipe on a plate.

Tasty Turkish pide pizza

Make a Turkish pide bread and turn it into a pide pizza in no time. Top it with tomato sauce, cheese, and what you fancy.

20 minutes

Turkish Pide bread recipe. Easy to make. Visit the website or pin it now.

Easy Turkish pide bread

You can make Turkish pide bread yourself and be surprised by how good it tastes.

40 minutes


Extra crisp bar style double tortilla

Extra crisp bar-style tortilla pizza

Crispy pizza with sauce and cheese made with double tortillas. Super delicious taste with your favorite toppings.

15 minutes


Pita pizza is the easiest pizza recipe with salami and lots of vegetables. Visit thetortiliachannel.com for the full instructions #pitabreadrecipe #pitapizza #pitapizzasalami #tastypitapizza

Pita pizza shrimp pizza

So delicious and perfect for #fastfriday. This pita pizza shrimp pizza. If you have pita in your pantry you can make this pizza.

25 minutes


Tasty tortilla pizza snack side

Tasty tortilla pizza snack

You need this snack on a Saturday. Fill up your muffin this with these tortilla pizza snacks. So delicious.

20 minutes


The easiest tortilla pan pizza

Easiest tortilla pan pizza

Make no-knead bread dough that is the perfect base for this pan pizza. Top it with your favorite ingredients.

45 minutes

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