Weekly meal plan

Weekly Meal Plan Seafood Recipes

This week it is all about seafood recipes on the menu. A number of different fish and shrimp recipes that you can make!

This weeks weekly meal plan is all seafood recipes for lunch and dinner. #thetortiliachannel #weeklymealplan #fishrecipes #seafoodrecipes #seafoodmealplan

These are all very easy to make and done in no time because one of the advantages of seafood recipes is it fast to prepare. A fish recipe usually takes no more than 25 minutes. Are you ready to learn all about this week’s weekly meal plan seafood recipes? Let’s get started!



NOTE: If you want to see a recipe you can just click on the image or on the link!

How to make the best low carb tuna salad. You can eat it for lunch on toast or as an appetizer. Visit thetortiliachannel.com for the full recipe. #tunasalad #thebesttunasalad #lunch #appetizer #tunatoast #tunawitharepas #tunasalad

Low carb tuna salad

This easy salad is made with tuna and can be eaten with bread, low carb tortillas,,or lettuce.

3 minutes


Garlic shrimp asparagus tacos in a skillet. Great for taco tuesday. Want to make this recipe visit thetortiliachannel.com #tacos #asparagas #shrimp #shrimptacos #tacotuesday #shrimpasparagusskillet #castironskillet #easytaco

Shrimp asparagus tacos

Eat these shrimp asparagus with crunchy corn tacos or soft tortillas for #tacotuesday.

25 minutes


Oven baked curry crab flatbread is great dinner or lunch option easy to make with flatbread, curry paste, crab meat, scallion and parmesan. Make this recipe visit thetortiliachannel.com #flatbread #currycrabflatbread #crabflatbreadpizza #flatbreadpizza #dinnerrecipe

Curry crab flatbread

Make this recipe with soft flatbreads and add curry with crab and turn it into a pizza. A great lunch or dinner.

10 minutes


Healthy fresh fish and shrimp cauliflower tacos

Fresh fish shrimp cauliflower tacos

This recipe is made with fresh code filets and shrimp with cauliflower tacos.

30 minutes


Tilapia fish tacos made with flatbread. Vegetables, fish and Sriracha mayonaise makes a great dinner recipe. Visit thetortiliachannel.com for the complete instructions and video.

Tilapia fish tacos

Another fast recipe these tilapia fish filets are cooked in the oven with delicious vegetables and avocado tacos.

30 minutes


Crunchy tortilla tostada with tuna

Crunchy tortilla tuna tostada

Bake your tortillas crunchy in the oven, top with roasted tomato salsa, tuna, and more for a delicious tostada.

30 minutes


Avocado salmon wraps on the go but also great for a weeknight dinner or lunch. Made with fresh ingredients and home made tortilla. Want to make this recipe visit thetortiliachannel.com #wraps #salmonwrap #lunchwrap #dinnerwrap #yufkawrap #avocadosalmonwrap

Avocado salmon with Yufka tortilla

Great recipe for Sunday evening these salmon Yufka tortilla wraps with avocado. My favorite wrap.

20 minutes

This weeks weekly meal plan is all seafood recipes for lunch and dinner. #thetortiliachannel #weeklymealplan #fishrecipes #seafoodrecipes #seafoodmealplan
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