Weekly meal plan

Weekly Meal Plan The Best Taco Recipes

This week it is taco week. So the weekly meal plan contains all sorts of taco recipes that we share with you on the Tortilla Channel.

Weekly meal plan taco recipes because it is taco week on the Tortillachannel. With meat, pork, fish, chicken and vegan taco recipes #thetortiliachannel #tacorecipes #meattacos #fishtaco #porktaco #chickentaco

Now every day of the week can be #tacotuesday. Fortunately, we have a variety of different taco recipes so you will not be bored. We have meat, fish, chicken, and vegan. So do not miss this week’s meal plan. Are you ready to learn about this week’s menu the best taco recipes? Let’s get started!



NOTE: If you want to see a recipe you can just click on the image or on the link!

Veggie frenzy stir fry taco

Vegetable stir fry with tacos

A great way to start the week with this vegetable stir fry and crispy crunchy homemade tacos.

30 minutes


Chickpea tacos with lambs kebab #thetortiliachannel #chickpeatacos #lambskebabtacos

Chickpea Tacos with lamb kebab

Chickpea tacos are great for #tacotuesday especially if you make them with lamb kebab skewers.

20 minutes


Tender carnitas tenderloin tacos side II

Tenderloin carnitas tacos

Soft pork carnitas tacos with vegetables and add some Mexican potatoes. A great taco recipe for Wednesday.

65 minutes


10 minute taco chicken salad is a low carb salad recipe. Fits in a Keto diet and is easy to make. Video included. Visit thetortiliachannel.com for the full recipe #lowcarbsalad #tacochickensalad #chickensalad #ketosalad #dinnersalad

Taco chicken salad

Want to serve dinner in 10 minutes? Then this is your recipe. Bake the taco chicken while you make the salad. Done.

10 minutes


Tilapia fish tacos made with flatbread. Vegetables, fish and Sriracha mayonaise makes a great dinner recipe. Visit thetortiliachannel.com for the complete instructions and video.

Tilapia fish tacos

Another fast recipe these tilapia fish filets are cooked in the oven with delicious vegetables and avocado tacos.

30 minutes


The taco pasta you want to make. A great dinner recipe combining Italian pasta with Mexican taco beef. With this taco seasoning you get a great lasagna version with this tagliatelli. Want to make this recipe visit thetortiliachannel.com #tacopasta #tagliattetacos #tacopastabake #mexicanitalianlasagna

Taco pasta

A different kind of taco is this taco pasta bake. A one-pot recipe with beef in skillet. Give it a try.

30 minutes


How to make the best organic beef tacos #tacos #beeftacos

The best beef tacos

No taco week without this original beef taco recipe. With a salad and rice. A yummy Sunday recipe.

70 minutes

Weekly meal plan taco recipes because it is taco week on the Tortillachannel. With meat, pork, fish, chicken and vegan taco recipes #thetortiliachannel #tacorecipes #meattacos #fishtaco #porktaco #chickentaco
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