Weekly meal plan

Weekly Meal Plan 7 Delicious Egg Recipes

This week the weekly meal plan is all about egg recipes because you can make some great dishes using eggs.

Weekly meal plan sharing 7 delicious egg recipes. Eat these egg recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Visit the tortillachannel.com for the full recipes #thetortiliachannel #weeklymealplan #mealplan #eggrecipes #eggsrecipes #7eggrecipes

In this weekly meal plan, we have breakfast recipes but also lunch and dinner recipes. What is a big benefit of eggs recipes is that they are fast recipes. It doesn’t require a lot of kitchen time. So if you are stressed for time just choose one of these eggs recipes and you have food on the table in no time. So are you ready for these delicious egg recipes? Let’s get started!



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A delicious Italian breakfast or lunch dish this tomato and feta frittata is very easy to make. Add your favorite ingredients like mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers or onion. Want to try? Visit thetortiliachannel.com for the full recipe, video and instructionsEasy

Frittata with tomato and feta

Frittata is such a great recipe. Take a skillet with lots of vegetables and your favorite cheese. Eat with bread or a salad for dinner.

20 minutes


The spanish tortilla recipe with jamon is a great appetizer, snack and tapas. Make it for your dinner parties or lunch #thetortiliachannel #spanishtortilla #spanishtortillawithham #spanishtortillawithjamon #spanishtortillaconjamonEasy

Authentic Spanish tortilla

Another great egg recipe that you can eat with bread or salad. This authentic Spanish tortilla can be eaten all day long.

35 minutes



Crunchy tortilla tostada with tuna

Tostada with egg and tuna

Another favorite recipe. Egg and tuna are a great combination. Add a crisp tortilla and vegetables and you have a super meal.

30 minutes


Healthy enchilada with spinach and chicken. Oven baked great weeknight dinner. Visit thetortiliachannel.com for the full instruction with video. #enchilada #spinachenchilada #healthyenchilada #easyrecipe

Enchilada with spinach, chicken, and egg

A protein-rich dinner recipe these enchiladas with spinach, chicken, and egg. The oven is your best friend with this recipe.

60 minutes


Easy tortilla huevos rancheros two skillets and tea towel overhead

Huevos rancheros with tortillas

You can eat these huevos rancheros with tortillas and eggs for breakfast, lunch, and for dinner.

25 minutes


This Korean egg roll omelet recipe is super easy. Also known as Gyeran mari is a Korean side dish filled with a lot of vegetables but can also be eaten with fish or meat. It is like a Korean tortilla visit thetortiliachannel.com for the full recipe #thetortiliachannel #koreaneggroll #koreanrolledomelet #koreanrolledomelette #eggrecipe #omeletrecipe

Korean egg roll

This egg recipe is a great snack, appetizer, or side dish. Korean egg roll is filled with vegetables and done in no time.

13 minutes


Lovely lunch tortilla migas hands

Migas eggs recipe

This migas lunch recipe is filled with tortillas, vegetables, and eggs. A festive-looking recipe that is really tasty.

20 minutes


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